The Butcher’s Block stocks several grades, lines, and qualities of beef. We have many different types of buyers from wholesale to specialty retail. We buy from local farms, as well as from neighboring States to meet our volumes needed to sustain a business. ?The Butcher?s Block fresh, grain-finished beef is humanely raised on specialty farms in the heart of the USA as well as local Indiana farms; this is the product we cut for our retail case display daily. There are no additives, fillers, added growth hormones, steroids, residual antibiotics, or preservatives in our retail beef selections. ?All of our beef products are USDA quality graded amongst the top of all beef, making them the tastiest of all Choice and Prime beef. All of our beef yield grades ?2? or ?3? giving our customers the best values possible. All beef is fully fabricated within our store, including all of our ground beef, which is ground from full primals and subprimals by our veteran butchers daily. Custom cuts are always available, just ask, anytime! We consider availability, seasonality, quality and value in determining our beef purchases, and support local producers when possible. Some specialty beef is available with a special order (Wagyu, Grassfed, USDA Organic) – Note:?Some of our grassfed and Wagyu products are sourced from New Zealand and Australia.


  • – Aug 01, 2021 8:03 pm